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Twitch Con - Slow Motion Video Booth

Photo Booth Brand Ambassador

What does standing in lines, sore feet, sweaty days, and not pwning that n00b all inspire? RAGE! So that’s exactly what our partnership let those who attended TwitchCon 2019 unleash! Outside the convention center in San Diego for 3 days we had non-stop smash in the Legion Rage Room.

Two opponents going at it, each one armed with a baseball bat and their aggression.

Destruction ensued!

Set up to be stylish on one side VS. chaos on the other, each bout was ripe with anticipation as the crowd watched con goers go nuts, smashing glass, and searching for the flag that would give them the go ahead to smash that buzzer and claim their victory! That buzzer was not quiet! Being able to be heard from ALL over, the crowd was drawn in to see the video feed that was being live produced by the team behind the curtain.

Lenovo’s Rage Room also had a special guest roll through for a meet n greet during the event. Twitch Streamer, Wrath, had amazing energy while entertaining the crowd, all the way up until it was time for him to suit up for rage-fueled destruction!

What was happening with Something Clever? We brought the creative video production. After the baseball bats were set down, they were armed again, with chalk! Standing in front of a slow motion photo booth that had a GoPro mounted atop it... “Give us a cloud, jam it in your opponent’s face, whatever it is, GO!” Two seconds. That’s the time they were given during this experiential. Two seconds to get as nuts as possible and these Twitch streamers were far from in short supply of creative things to do! After entering in a quick email, they were on their way, with a slow motion souvenir that was ready to share on social media!

We love the shows that we get involved in, especially in the pop culture world. It allows us to flex true creativity and try something new. This custom experience allowed us to create brand awareness via getting messy and facilitating memories! Now that we have wrapped up TwitchCon, it's time to pack our suitcases again and head out to New York…. It’s time to get our Comic Con on! Our custom experience included a slow motion booth, live streaming, and recap videos for the client. Interested in a custom tailored experience for your trade show booth? Email Us, let's make Something Clever.

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