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Video Dance Booth San Francisco

Who doesn't love to take it up a notch? We have been so lucky to be invited on many visual journeys, with several brands. Along the way our creative team gets to flex their muscles and take the every day photo op to the next level. This month in San Francisco we were tasked with making a memorable event extra interactive.

The Idea: Get people moving and grooving, with a compact instant deliverable.

We brought in a creative cinematic video booth. Panning, zooming, and a little boomerang... all with an animated green screen environment surrounding guests as they dance the night away. Or creative team worked on making an animated green screen background that pulsed as if a neon wall was actually built onsite. Cinematic video cuts infuse life into this social media ready experience.

Drinks we poured, the DJ was setting the mood, and the dance booth was ready for action. We had a huge line of people interacting and sharing with our instant social media sharing stations.

Why does this matter? Experiential marketing has done many things through the years. Photo booths will always have their place in the brand awareness playing field, but in this instagram-age, video is taking the top spot in interactive events.

In this evolving industry the fast paced need to stay relevant and organically shareable is imminent.

Creating content for your brand that people will share is where it get's tricky. One might say that gone are the days of a simple step and repeat photo booth. People want to be impressed to share. Videos are instantaneously more shareable than a simple photo, making them the ideal solution for a brand marketing event, or even just a social party.

Solidify your place in the game, but always coming up with new and unique ideas. And if you get stuck, we are always happy to help you create something new!

Think outside the box. Let's do something clever.

If you would like to learn more about any of our video services please take a little stroll over to our Video Activations page.

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