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Toho Godzilla at San Diego Comic Con

Do dreams come true? Can you live out your favorite childhood fantasies? They do. We did.

Thanks to Toho hosting their first ever convention booth at San Diego Comic Con, we were able to do just that. In celebration of the legendary Godzilla's 65th birthday, we made quite the rumble at SDCC.

Even though it was their first con, Toho did everything just right. A beautiful booth build, fantastic artwork being executed live, and an interactive custom green screen booth. To add to the photo experience, they even brought in the real deal, the actual suit from Godzilla 2000.

Ok. But this is the stuff dreams are made of. We were invited to be the official photo experience for GODZILLA. Our custom green screen placed guests in their own Godzilla movie trailer. "OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAAAAAZING" was the most often uttered statement all week. If that doesn't make you feel like you did a good job, I don't know what will. During the experiential event celebrities like, Gabriel Iglesias, Con Goers, and King Ghidorah alike stopped in to have their very own movie trailer made as a co-star with our giant, fire breathing friend. We even had the chance to meet motion capture, Godzilla Actor, TJ Storm when he posed with his character!

The lines were long with anxious attendees waiting to meet Godzilla, and the excitement spread via social media with our #Godzilla65 hashtag campaign. The chatter on the internet was immensely positive, as this was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

While we have since packed up our gear, loaded our suitcases with swag and mystery boxes, and said good bye to the San Diego Convention Center this year, we know this SDCC was a special one. We can't be thankful enough to be brought on to support this amazing project and look forward to what amazing cities we can destroy together in the future.

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