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GIF experience

Welcome To The Animated GIF Photo Booth

Setting photos into motion. Not quite a video, not quite a photo... It's a GIF.

Call it a Boomerang, call it a JIF, then call us. We will customize it for your brand with an instant social deliverable.

Snapping studio quality stills, or fast paced boomerang clips with complete customization. Pick your branding, your style, and why not throw in an animated overlay? Work with our creative team to sculpt a fully immersive experience. 

Instantaneous Satisfaction! Our GIFs are instantly processed and converted into an instagram friendly MP4 file, making your content shareable in a matter of moments. 

Tracking social impressions is important. Our team will deliver you a full post-event data analytics report. See metrics of how and where your message is shared, giving you priceless insights on your ROI. 

so many gif styles | check out our different options below

we deliver premier photo/video/gif experiences and cultivate brand content creation.

custom is our middle name.

Our GIF Experiences are individually tailored to fit your interactive brand activation.

​We specialize taking your brand to the next level by bringing organic content creation to your event. Shareable photo, GIF and video experiences are what we are known for in the experiential marketing world. We build each experience from the ground up and are ready for your custom challenge!

Let's do Something Clever.

Want a clever mock up? It's free!

Need a creative pitch? We got you!

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