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PAX East - Trading Card Photo Booth with Shadowverse

This year in Boston, we got to work with a brand from Japan that has never had such a large presence at the show. Cygames signed on to participate PAX East and Anime Expo, and they brought Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse out to demo! Our partnership was with Shadowverse, to help construct their annex lounge. Not to be confused with their amazing ruined castle build-out on the main show floor, our annex was a branded lounge area located in the upper lobby. This chill zone, had bean bags to relax on, charging stations for drained phones and tablets, and a pretty unique photo op that included keepsake game cards. In the grand scheme of experiential marketing, the longer people interact with your booth the better, so why not give them a place to hang out!

When attendees took a detour to our area, they were not only presented with an awesome hard-stock game card with their photo on it, it was completely randomized. Each card comes in tiers, bronze, silver, gold and legendary. Our programs made this process completely random so guests came back time and time again in an attempt to get the coveted legendary rarity. There were several times a group erupted in momentous cheering as a friend received a legendary card from the printer. The energy was high at this booth, that’s for sure.

Our team was brought on with little time, but we also provided the light build-out for the annex. We branded side walls, made custom pop up banners, and supplied a comfy sitting area. The photo backdrop area was branded on both sides so people approaching the annex would be aware what we were creating in the booth. It was a small footprint, that packed a lot of activity.

After leaving our annex, attendees were directed to the main Cygames booth on the main floor to complete a booth scavenger hunt and receive an official PAX Pin. Collectible pins from pax are a huge draw for attendees, who strive to collect them all each season. We love the idea of a scavenger hunt in the booth to ensure brand interaction to get the coveted pin!

Next stop? E3 in LA is right around the corner. Time to start ideating, creating, and building something clever.

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