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GamesCom Video Booth - Super Lucky's Tale

Jet-lagged but Jovial. We are officially home from Cologne, Germany!

Xbox invited us to follow our creative marketing campaign with Super Lucky's Tale. And we couldn't turn down an excuse for international travel. So we boarded a 12 hour flight to Germany to create green screen video booth magic at Gamescom 2017! Partnering with the family-friendly fox game from Playful Studios has been such an exciting experience. The bright and creative graphics make it an easy project to pair with a custom video activation. To pull off this experiential feat our team used both green screen and real life elements to place Gamescom attendees into the game itself. After a brief 8 second recording, the video is instantly converted to a small cinematic video trailer for the game. The branded instant social sharing stations allowed users to then email, post directly to facebook, or tweet out their video. Attendees were overheard chattering about "how cute" and "how fun" the whole experience was, which means success in our book! Paired with a game play demo, and some super cool swag, (Hero capes anyone?) Super Lucky's Tale was a very rewarding event experience.

Hopefully our time with Lucky's campaign is not over yet, but you can be sure to check him out at the XBOX Booth at PAX West gaming convention this coming weekend in Seattle, WA.

We love helping brands engage with their clients in a fun and memorable way. Our creative team loves working to make something new and engaging. Want to create some organically shareable content for your brand? We are here, lets make Something Clever!

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