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New York Comic Con Spider-Man Video Booth

Finishing off the comic and gaming show circuit this year with New York Comic Con was a serious treat for Something Clever. In all my years working in experiential marketing events, I have waited, and waited, to collaborate on a brand project that involved an inverted room. The NYCC project became like Christmas to us as our teams began to work on pitches and ideations for Sony’s DVD release of Spider-Man Homecoming. We wanted to have the most talked about booth at Comic Con, and I think we may have nailed it! Hundreds of live tweets, facebook posts and Instagram shares back that up. There have been numerous write ups and articles sharing the excitement of the top secret “spider man box” in the main lobby of the Javits Center in New York City.

Much to each attendee’s surprise when they made it to the front of the line of the spider box, they had to crawl into a window. Once inside the window they found themselves on the ceiling of an exact replica of Peter Parker’s bedroom. Now here is where the fun starts, this auto triggers our video booth! As attendee’s crawled around they were in fact getting to #HangLikeSpidey.

Our onsite staff took each video and instantly worked magic to create these shareable mini movie trailers. From our sharing kiosks everyone was able to post to all forms of social media and email their videos to friends and family. The result of this highly engaging activity was an exorbitant amount of organic online impressions.

I speak to this often with our clients, and love when they are supportive of creative activations that people love to share! It’s important when choosing an experiential marketing activity to be imaginative, allowing for a truly engaging experience. This will help your marketing content grow! Our client on this project was an amazing asset full of great ideas that helped us mold a truly memorable event.

Looking forward to next year and a new line up of engaging creative content creation!

Want to see more? Check out some of the great press focused on our activity.

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