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Green Screen

Our green screen options fully immerse guests into the brand experience. We can add attendees into an interactive gaming world, or simply place them in front of a step and repeat. Our creative department will work with you to customize your green screen overlays and backgrounds. The sky is the limit! 


Green screen comes in many different styles. Want a green screen GIF with animated overlay? Got it. Need a still photo with high quality studio lighting? Done. Want to add a green screen video booth to your event? We do too!



Full green screen world builds, animated backdrops, walking on the moon? Bring your concept and work with our creative team to produce an epic event!


Live event green screen photography with printing? Photo Kiosk with branding? Green screen boomerang GIF ready to send to social? Fully animated green screen video booth? We can help you figure out the best event solution with the best creative!


Custom branding on it all. From the photo kiosk, to the user interface, to the animated graphics. Everything can be custom tailored to your brand and event. 


Instant social sharing is available with any of our photo booth styles. Guests can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or simply email with your custom social message attached! Our sharing stations can also be custom branded for your event!


Our photo booths and GIF Booths offer optional printing stations that produce instant high quality prints. This is perfect for a branded deliverable for any festival, trade show, or conference!

Want a clever mock up? It's free!

Need a creative pitch? We got you!

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