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Things We Love - User Experiences

Sometimes we need fresh ideas. This is true in every industry, and it is true for us here in the event marketing world. We feel it's prudent to showcase work from all over the world, to share how other people execute a successful activation. Public facing events can be especially challenging. What will be enjoyable? Will it be viral? Are we getting the brand message across?

There are lot's of things to consider when pulling off a buzzworthy event, so we choose to present some of our favorite things in the experiential marketing world right now.

This month's experiential pick is... The Foam Pit. The Ball Pit. The Pit.

Strangely enough we used to have a foam pit in our office and it was loved greatly by visiting children, sleepy coworkers, and fun aficionados alike. But let's look at it from an events standpoint.

Google is killing it with their Google @ Flatiron pop-up. They have created a life-sized immersive snow globe, full of small snow balls to jump in. What adult doesn't love taking a break from daily stresses by letting loose and jumping into a pit of happiness? You can follow the action all over social by checking out #GooglePopup.

Photo by @carosene on Instagram

Is it working? I think the answer to this is... Certainly. It is getting the news out about the pop-up shop, featuring all of Google's latest tech, in an organic, exciting way. People are more likely to share out if they are having fun, and they are way more likely to talk about it within their circles if they feel like they have an exclusive opportunity.

If you want to check out the excitement of the pop-up shop, the store will be open through Dec. 31, with the daily hours of 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. It's located in the Flatiron District of Manhattan at 110 5th Avenue.


This is not the first time an elaborate ball pit has been staged, but we still feel like it ranks pretty high on the list of excellent engagements.

In 2015 the Brooklyn-based creative studio, Snarkitecture, took over a massive 10,000 sqft space in The National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. We also spotted one at the Super Bowl this past year as part of the NFL experience for Bridgestone.

We like to think these types of experiences can only be enhanced by a top-level photo op, and personally, I'd go with a Burst GIF to capture the excitement!

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