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180 Bullet Time Booth - eBay Open 2017

Sometimes you have an event that is over the top and full of excitement! Sometimes you need to produce something next level for your photo experience. Event's like eBay Open are just such events. So we headed to Las Vegas with our Bullet Time Photo Booth, and added some three dimensional excitement! This year's eBay Open took place at MGM Grand this year, with after parties and events all over sin city. We headed to Brooklyn Bowl, with our four camera array to capture 3D photos of eBay's top selling attendees.

This party had it all, music, bowling, drinks, and of course a photo op. We worked with the client's graphic team to create a branded custom backdrop, and an animated overlay. The result was a time-slice, 3D selfie. Talk about a great profile pic!

Of course our bullet time selfies were equipped with instant social sharing stations, so guests could post these awesome shots right away, across platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

The amazing thing about bullet time photo ops, is that you can freeze time. All cameras are firing at the exact same time, similar to the filming of the Matrix. So we can catch cool jumps, hair flips, and confetti from every angle! Guests love having something new, something unique, and not just the same old photo booth, it creates organically shareable content. Just check out the hashtag pool on Instagram here! When you need to think outside the booth, and come up with something a little more 3D, look at adding a multi cam array to your next experiential event or brand engagement!

Want to see more? Check out our GIF Page!

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