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E3 Video Booth - XBOX and Super Lucky's Tale

Gaming Conventions are the perfect playground for creative marketing. Whether its PAX West, San Diego Comic Con, or E3, we love them. From the pitch to perfection, the gaming world creates the most amazing visual activations.

We had the immense pleasure of joining forces with Xbox and Playful to promote the release of the upcoming game, Super Lucky’s Tale in Los Angeles this week for E3. To achieve a highly shareable digital deliverable, we decided on a video booth. Not just a simple movie, we went full immersive green screen, and put fans in the game. Take a ride through the sky with Lucky, hanging perilously from a rope below his hot air balloon? Heck YES!

Something Clever loves a challenge, and we like to think we really rose to the occasion, by building a real life rope set to give the perfect effect. After working directly with the studio’s creative teams, our video booth allowed users to get into the game, quite literally. After you took a flight with Lucky you could head over to our social sharing stations to make sure everyone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram saw your epic moment. Just check the #superluckystale hashtag, and you will be able to see the immense social reach! Of course, after the photo booth experience you could demo the game to fully round out your time spent with Lucky.

To put the final touches on a perfect consumer engagement, there was swag. We all live for the swag! Pins of Lucky and some super sweet super capes made people flip! Not to mention they Looked pretty awesome in the video.

We were happy to get to be a part of such a positive and upbeat experiential marketing campaign. See us again soon with Lucky and all of the Xbox team at a convention near you. We live for projects like this, and can’t wait for the next one. Hope to see our awesome gamer friends very soon! Maybe Gamescom? Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Want to learn more about our Green Screen Video and Photo Booth options for tradeshows adn festivals? Check out our Green Screen Page Here!

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