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Content Creation to Drive Brand Awareness

Let's face it, in the fast paced world of social marketing people are becoming more selective in their posting, curating fine Instagram galleries, targeting Facebook posts, and making the most of their 120 twitter characters. So how do you help your brand rise to the top of the ladder? Content Creation, via events, is something many strive for but can sometimes fall flat. How can you engage the public with something truly shareable? It's time to think outside of the box. Gone are the days of a flat step and repeat. You have to give someone a reason to really want to post. In the past 5 years of globally managing events in the experiential marketing industry, I have seen it all, on both sides of the spectrum and I can say without a doubt a unique, thought-through photo or video experience is key.

• Make it relate-able to your brand, but not all about your brand. Subtle logos for sure, but the focus should be on the content. • Put your guests on the packaging. Got a game release for PAX West? Let's put them on the game cover. Launching a new Product at IMATS, make each guest the face of the advertisement. •Quality photography, green screens, or videos are key here. No one wants to post a photo that doesn't make them look darn good. • Entice with a give-away or contest. Contests engage the competitive side of every human, making them strive to create the coolest content they can. More likes, am I right?!

• GIF it. Boomerang it. Make it Move. Action is a strong selling point in the social world. • Deliverables, Swag, whatever you want to call it, give it to the people. Physically print guests photo on product boxes, badges, brochures, posters. We've done it all, and people will never stop wanting to bring something home with them!

This is just a drop in the pond of organic shareable content, which is key to really push your brand. Make them want to share. Make them care to share. Want help with creating the perfect photo booth experience or video booth activation? Check out Something Clever Creative Production, and let's make something clever.

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