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The events

las vegas / cinematic video booth @ GGG vs Canelo

Las Vegas / vip studio photo booth @ ggg vs canelo


Studio Photo Booth for a VIP event, presented by Chivas Fight Club.

High on the top floor of the Mandalay Bay, we got to entertain guests with live studio photography and a sweeping Vegas view. 


In the week leading up to the GGG vs. Canelo fight we provided a cinematic video booth experience.

Custom built set and props paired with high-end  video production.
The result was a instant branded commercial unique to each guest!
The resul

what did we do? 

For this event we spent the week with Chivas, sharing out cinematic videos and supplying the VIP night with a scenic photo booth of the Las Vegas skyline.

We are no strangers to brand experiences.

Being tasked with a wow-worthy video op for Chivas, we brought out the big guns. 

Full scale production crane, video gimbal, and cinematic lighting partnered with instant onsite editing, and sharing stations. 

Put this all in a custom built video set, with custom Chivas wardrobe props, and you've got a full scale video production!

Pretty sure we nailed the WOW factor. 

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